The Best Cities to Work

With the country's economy still struggling to recover from the 2008 financial crisis, finding employment can be a tough job in itself. However, the bad news isn't the only news, because some areas survived the crisis and thrive in the aftermath, existing as pockets of economic vitality, activity, and growth. If you are one of the many Americans today planning for the future, considering where to live, and thinking about whether to change career or what industry to move into, you would be well advised to look into these pockets; these cities have stood out from the pack by remaining as economic powerhouses with strong employment prospects, even in wake of the financial crisis.

This website aims to be a resource to help you find out about these economically exemplary cities, providing an overview of 15 of them, including such things as their major industries, median salaries, and rankings on lists of best places for job seekers. Of course, important as it may be, work isn't everything, and so if you're looking for somewhere to live you'll be interested in more than simply its economy. Luckily, in cities with strong economies, rich recreational and cultural advantages are often also to be found, and these aspects of the 15 cities chosen for this website are overviewed as well.

Houston, Texas

Houston is an economic powerhouse, with world renown in several industries, particularly energy. As a result, it leads the nation in job creation, and has a significantly lower unemployment rate than the national average.

Charlotte, North Carolina

The city boasts a strong educational attainment rate, and a significant concentration of large corporations helps make Charlotte's economy a reliable one. This city is an excellent choice for job seekers, particularly those interested in motorsports or financial services.

Salt Lake City, Utah

With an encouragingly low unemployment rate and a strong presence on various lists of best cities and best places, Salt Lake City seems to be a wise choice for Americans considering which location would provide them with good job opportunities and a high standard of living.